Nowadays, it is important to be able to help and collaborate with housework at home. Each and every one of us must contribute to this work that was formerly exclusive to our mothers.
This is why we decided to develop as a content of unit 2 “Housework” for the seventh grade level in the creation of a role-play dialogue in which, through pairs of students, firstly they read, listened to a dialogue base identifying the key vocabulary to finally create their own versions to present it to their English teacher.

On this occasion, the 7th grade B students, Isidora Matamala, Ricardo Piña, Agustina Zuñiga and Trinidad Guzmán stood out in their presentation. Showing a high level of commitment and responsibility, highlighting above all the level of creativity and use of the English language. They told us about how household chores were distributed in their respective families, showing that it is very important that each of the family members collaborate in this task, reinforcing the values of work and responsibility.

Congratulations to each of them