Why is Reading so Important?

Have you ever thought “why reading is so important” you’ll know exactly what to when reading this piece of article.

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1. Imagination
By reading, you are exposed to so many wonderful things. This helps your imagination when it comes to creating and thinking. By reading, you are painting those pictures of the story in your mind. Books can take you anywhere you want to go.

2. Focus and Concentration
When you are reading, you are focusing and concentrating on one thing. By sitting still and reading, you are training your body/mind and your child’s too slow down, relax, and focus on what you are reading. This helps you/your child focus and concentrate on other activities because you are used to doing it.

3. Reading Improves your memory
When you read a book, you are taking in all that the book is about. People, places, things… When you read you are using your memory muscle which lies in the Cerebrum part of your brain. Using this muscle helps your memory long term. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of muscle memory.

4. Reading helps with communication
Reading to your children helps build a bond and open up communication. It’s always important to be able to talk with your kids especially when they get into their teenage years. Start reading to them and communicating when they are young so they have that connection and comfort with talking to you.

5. Entertainment

Reading is the best cheap or free entertainment you can get. Love your library and any bookseller, because these books can open up the world you might never have imagined.

6. Bonding
Nurturing and one-on-one attention from parents during reading encourages children to form a positive association with books and reading. Also, goes with 4 above – Communication Reading to your children is another way of showing them, love. If you would like to find books that kids love.

7. Language Development
Babies and children learn to talk by hearing words. The more they hear, the more likely they are to talk and understand what’s being said. Your child’s language skills and literacy depend on you talking and reading to them. Now doesn’t that sound important?!

8. Cheap or Free Education
Reading a book for something that you want to learn about saves you so much money. We all know how expensive taking classes can be, so why not spend time reading about it instead. You can teach yourself with specific books. Same goes for children. If they are interested in learning about rainbows, they can read books about weather. Or you can read to them. Supplying a variety of books to your children will pique their interests and get them learning even more.

9. Fluency
Fluency is defined as the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and expression. Powerful and effective language.

10. Reading makes you smarter
We know its been proven that reading makes you smarter. Readers display greater knowledge of how things work, vocabulary, and language development, as well as information on people, places, and things. Not to mention all of the great info in 1-9 that I just shared with you.
Reading Rocks!!!

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