Founding Heroes

The English Department is pleased to announce that our school has honour some of the Founding Leaders of Chile, who guided our country towards the Independence from Spain.
This independent movement led to a new school of thought: Laicism and Humanism, both came to break the borders of dogmatism.
Chile has a rich history with several prominent founding leaders who played crucial roles in the country’s early history. Here are some of the key figures:
Bernardo O’Higgins Known as the «Father of Chile,» Bernardo O’Higgins was a central figure in the struggle for independence from Spanish colonial rule. He served as the Supreme Director of Chile from 1817 to 1823, and played a pivotal role in the Chilean War of Independence.
José Miguel Carrera was one of the founding fathers and military leaders who fought against the Spanish colonial forces for the Chilean independence. He served as Chile’s first Supreme Director in 1814.
Manuel Rodríguez Erdoiza was a lawyer and politician who played a key role in the early years of Chilean independence. He was an influential figure in the guerrilla warfare against Spanish forces.
Juan Martínez de Rozas was a prominent lawyer and politician. He performed as a key figure in the early stages of Chile’s quest for independence. He was one involved in drafting Chile’s first national constitution in 1812.
José Manuel Balmaceda was not a founding leader in the traditional sense. José Manuel Balmaceda was an important political figure in Chile in the late 19th century. He served as President of Chile from 1886 to 1891 and was involved in internal political and economic reforms during his time in office.
These leaders played essential roles in Chile’s struggle for independence and in shaping the early political landscape of the country. They are celebrated as national heroes and continue to be remembered for their contributions to Chilean history.