Enjoyable Activities

Considering the importance of the continuous incorporation of a second language such as English in the lives of children at an early age, free workshops have been carried out in the upper middle levels A and B as well as in First Grade, where students have been able to enjoy recreational activities in another language.

In medio mayor level A, the preschool teacher Nicole Mardones Nova carried out a workshop in English on crafts, where children were able to enjoy a playful instance to incorporate new words in the second language.

In medio mayor level B, the preschool teacher Catalina Maturana Arancibia, carried out a science workshop in English, where the boys and girls were able to carry out an experiment during the virtual meeting accompanied by their families, thus giving the instance to work the English language in another context in a fun way.

Finally, in First Grade level teachers Kerstin Litschi and Mariela González , carried out a science and art workshop in English, where students were able to carry out two experiments in a different and playful way.