The English Department organized the first Short Story Contest at the school. In this opportunity the students were given the guidelines to write a short story in no more than 300 words.

The contest was divided into two categories; A for first and second graders, and B for third and fourth graders, all from secondary level.

The participating students showed great effort, creativity and passion for the English language, so that the resulting stories were incredibly good.

The places and winners were:

Category A

Winner: From 1st grade A with the story “Little girls”, Valentina Ovalle.

Second place: From 2nd grade C with the story: “the boy and his friend”, Nicolás Muñoz

Third place: Pseudonym: imahm. From 2nd grade C, with the story “Time to think”, Isidora de la Cuadra.

Category B

Third place: Pseudonym: Alcatraz6. From 3rd grade A, with the story “A life well lived”, Antonio Basso.

Second place: Pseudonym: Hydria. From 3rd grade A with the story “mementos”, Javier Bertín

Winner: From 3rd grade A with the story “Stick in this time with you”, Carlos Labra

The English Department gives special thanks to all the participating students, and we look forward to reading your stories next year!