On October 8th, The Spelling Bee for 7th and 8th graders took place at the School. In this opportunity, the school´s library was the scenario chosen by the English Department to develop the excellent activity for students.

The students showed great enthusiasm and skills to perform and enjoy the beauty of the English language by spelling the words correctly and showing their vocabulary knowledge.

Among the students, this activity encourages them to study and also to make the best effort to help their team to win the contest by spelling the words that the judges ask to spell. The students from 7th grade A-B and from 8th grade A-B-C participated in mixed teams of 4 students each.

After a tough competition, the teams that qualified to the final round and finally got the first 3 places were 3rd place: Catalina Quinteros, Constanza Torres, Tomas Carocca and Maximiliano Garces from 7th grade B, 2nd place: Sofia Huilcaman, Maria Ignacia Pizarro, Agustin Avalos and Renato Melo from 7th grade A, and the winner team that got the 1st place: Rosario Gonzalez,
Catalina Caro, Felipe Villalobos and Guillermo Oliva from 8th grade B.